God is Love
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Unfolding Creation

In this part of the garden we experience the beauty of creation, we realise that we are standing on holy ground; we touch into our inner reality that we are part of, and not separate from, this unfolding creation before us.

We recognise there is an urgency to realise today that “whatever our project, or wherever we focus our energy, unless we are situating that within the context of the total community of life on the planet, we are failing to be faithful interpreters of the signs of the times” – Thomas Berry.

The plants, flowers and organic garden have much to teach us.  Here we become aware that the stuff we want to get rid: household waste, weeds, and garden waste, can become rich compost that will nourish plants and vegetables, so too by tending to the stuff of our lives: feelings of pain, grief and sadness they, can become food for our psychological / spiritual journey.

We facilitate the journey into our inner world through the use of the therapies here at Suaimhneas and the many workshops we provide.

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