God is Love
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The Labyrinth

The labyrinth is an ancient tool, used for spiritual / psychological development. When we enter here we enter the sacredness of our own life, as we are drawn to the centre, the core of who we are, the centre of our being.

The paths are winding just as in life, but if we remain true to the deep call within we will feel the strength within us and allow each experience of life to inform our way.

The path is sometimes referred to as the scars of our lives mapping the way to the centre, if we choose to use them as our guide – the scripture of our own lives.

If we trust the flow of life we will be drawn ever deeper in to our own core, into God, into Love where we find peace and the joy of being who we are – Divine energy and love.

We can therefore do nothing else when we experience this but give thanks and celebrate.

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