Our Christian Heritage

“That you may have life and have it to the full” Jn10:10

When we have been awakened to the wonder of our being – our interdependence, interrelatedness, our interconnectedness with one another and the whole of creation, we feel the need to reach with compassion and tenderness bringing healing to one another and to our planet.

We remember that wherever we are, on this beautiful sacred planet, we are one through the Divine love and energy that unites and sustains all.  We are constantly drawn to live and act with compassion and tenderness.

“When we enter into this contemplative way of living we experience true union with God in prayer and compassion for every single human being and creation.  It is a way of life where we listen to everything, to every event, to every experience and to every person as we progressively grow in the awareness of the presence of God in all things that sustains us through social, cultural, economic and ecclesial changes”. Sister Valsala George SCJM

Here in this area of the garden we are nourished and sustained on our journey by our Christian heritage, and our Celtic and Religious Traditions.

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