Deep ecology expresses a vision of the world in which we protect the environment as a part of ourselves, never in opposition to humanity.

 New cosmology

New cosmology states that there is an intelligent, self-organizing, living Universe.   There is no hierarchy of beings – everything is sacred.


All living things in the universe depend on one another for One cannot live, or prosper, without the other.

Universe Story

As the universe unfolds and the dust of stars in contained in all life so Gods love unfolds and is contained in all life.

Psychological / Spiritual journey

A psychological / Spiritual journey signifies an inner exploration of the self. Finding, healing and integrating parts of the self that have been supressed or lost and then connecting even deeper to access universal awareness and love (or God within)

Divine Love

The love of God that is a true representation for unconditional love or ‘Caritas’ in Latin. This is a love that requires no return and accepts a person warts and all as lovable.

Divine Presence

An awareness that as I am present to myself and the world around me so is God present to me.

Creation Story

The story of creation and how we came into being and how the science of the Big Bang is now considered in harmony with Church teachings.


If you move out of relationship with yourself, others and the world then suffering happens. We only come into Being through our relationships to everything around us.


We are all connected on many levels and seeing and knowing yourself as only a separate entity leads to suffering.

Christian Heritage

The great tradition, wisdom and service that the Christian story (often mis-represented!) offers

Celtic Tradition

Our roots historically and spiritually that connect us to our ancestors, the land and a way of Being

Congregational Tradition

The tradition, community and service that come from a specific view of the Christian story as lived by the SCjM congregation.