Awakening To Who You Are [OLD]


‘Awaken to who we are’

‘Transform the person to transform the planet’

     This process of spiritual growth and development involves moving from a sense of separation and loneliness to an experience of oneness and harmony with all life.

This is based on our belief that it is only by connecting with ourselves that we come to recognise that we are not separate                from planet earth. Rather we are interconnected and interrelated with her and with the entire universe.

That reality calls us to become more aware of what it is to become human, with our gifts for reflection and our capacity to make just and compassionate choices, as we live our lives in a world that is more scientifically and technologically aware.

It is by being conscious and aware of our true humanity that the desire to live a more eco-friendly life arises.

The survival of our planet depends on us all coming to that awareness and acting out of the reality that we are One with the whole web of life.

The underpinning philosophy of the programme is based on “Earth’s Charter”, Pope Francis encyclical Laudato Si, the insights of Celtic Spirituality and many sacred traditions, including the enriching and amazing discoveries of modern science, giving us a whole new understanding of not just planet earth but of the whole universe. There is an abundance of insightful books, articles, and DVD’S etc. related to our programme content which we will gradually introduce during the course.

This ‘Awaken to who we are’ Programme will run over three separate Saturdays.  A great deal of this course takes place in our sacred garden, weather permitting,. The garden also provides opportunities for group reflection and journaling. Click here for Workshop Information

Further details contact Anne or Mai 0578626541 or visit website