Care of Our Common Home [OLD]

Its Plastic Free July.



Its time to be mindful of our use of plastic and how we dispose of it
Its time to be mindful of the impact our lifestyles have on the Environment
Its time to take action
Its time to Care for Our Common Home
Its Time

Care of Our Common Home Workshop
Saturday 21st July from 2pm – 6pm

This workshop will feature 2 sessions.

Session 1      from 2pm – 3.45pm – The Wonder of Our Evolving Universe and Our Place in It.

Session 2      from 4.15 – 6pm – Essential tips, resources and advice for plastic free and ecofriendly  shopping, housekeeping and everyday living that will benefit your health and wellbeing as well as the environment

Cost is €25.00 this includes refreshments with delicious home baking

Spaces are limited so booking is essential