Advent – A Time of Becoming [OLD]

Facilitated by Niamh Brennan

Author of “The Human in the Universe”

16th November 2019

10am – 4.30pm

The word ‘Advent’ means ‘a time of Becoming.’ We now know, through science, that we live in a world that is still becoming. The Universe was not always as it is now but has changed down through the millennia becoming more complex and more differentiated. So too, the Earth was not always as it is now but has also changed to become the blue green planet that we recognise today. More challenging, is the thought that the human was not always as we are now. We have also changed. We are still changing, a species that is still becoming, in a world that is still becoming. During Advent we prepare. This is a time when we contemplate the world; when we stop and consider the gift of life and how we would like to use it, who we would like to become. In this talk through the theme of Advent we look again at what it means ‘to Become’.

Niamh Brennan (MA International Development, MA Culture and Spirituality) is a writer and workshop facilitator in Cosmology and Spirituality. She is the author of ‘The human in the Universe’ (Wyndham Hall Press, 2014) and co-author of ‘The Universe Story in Science and Myth’ (Greenspirit 2013). She is currently studying for her Phd in Trinity College Dublin.
Cost: €60.00 includes freshly cooked 3 course dinner and refreshments with delicious home baking.

Spaces are limited so booking is essential