About Us

Suaimhneas has emerged, through the vision and creative energy of Sr. Anne Lynch and Sr. Mai Finlay, who are members of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary (SCJM)

Working on their spiritual/psychological development over the years, they were drawn to explore the New Cosmology and the Universe story.

Through reading, studying, retraining and networking with like minded people, a whole new vision and understanding of the meaning of life opened up for them. Their passion and life work now, is to share this with others who are searching for the meaning and healing.

Mai and Anne are both well qualified for this work.

On this Psychological/Spiritual Journey you can be awakened to the realisation of the inter-connected, inter-relatedness and inter-dependence of all life forms. You may be challenged to change your perceptions, values and behaviours, and enlightened and amazed at the awesome reality of Divine Love and energy that animates life. Suaimhneas facilitates this experience through relevant Workshops, Counselling/Psychotherapy and the Touch Therapies of Aromatherapy Massage and Reflexology, as appropriate to each individual.

In specially appointed areas of the Healing Garden you can find peace, tranquility and a sacred space for meditation and reflection, drawing you into a deeper understanding of your own life, and awakening you to the Divine Presence in the whole of creation.

Suaimhneas is a place of Growth, Healing and New Life for those on a Psychological / Spiritual Journey.

Sr. Anne Lynch

Anne has considerable experience in clinical nursing (RGN, RNID) and nurse education

Sr. Mai Finlay

Mai Has experience in clinical nursing and has been involved in nurse education for some years (RGN, RM, RNT, RNID). Mai also has an Hons. Degree in Counselling/Psychotherapy.