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Mai and Anne are members of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary, who’s motto ‘God is Love’, has inspired their life and ministry over the years. Both have a rich background in Clinical Nursing, Nursing Education and Administration.

Their life’s journey has been enriched by their openness to learning about the ever-evolving universe story, as presented by Science Cosmology and Ecology, and the link between these Sciences and Spirituality.

Availing of various relevant educational programmes and networking with others on a similar journey, opened up a new vision and opportunities to express and use their energy, learning, insights and experience in their continued service to others. With their life experience and spirituality, and a background of Psychotherapy/ Counselling, Spiritual Direction and Complementary Therapies, Mai and Anne offer a unique service in the beautiful natural surrounding at Suaimhneas.


The time spent at Suaimhneas is enriched by the relaxing welcoming environment, with  refreshments which includes our delicious homemade baking.


Small room available for private quiet time and view reflective videos.

Larger room available for supportive input, mindfulness meditation and video presentations.

Books and music

Access the many books and CDs that may assist you maximise your time at Suaimhneas. Make your self feel at home in this relaxed, welcoming and safe environment.